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Asaba Association, Inc.

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AGGS Students’ Table & Chair Sets

The state of disrepair, deterioration and lack of basic resources at AGGS and SPC classrooms and school facilities is typical of most schools.  Seeing most students standing or sitting on bare floors moved members to acquire and supply ten (10) table and chair sets for AGGS.  Although the schools face greater problems such as leaky roofs and ceilings, missing windows and doors and lack of school supplies, Asaba Association contributed the best it could with the resources available to alleviate some of the schools’ concerns.  The photos below show: (1) AGGS students during a classroom session and (2) some of the table-chair sets supplied by Asaba Association.

Hospital Beds
Members of Asaba Association are proud to have embarked on the supply of needed hospital beds and mattresses to a medical center in Asaba.  The beds, a total of 24 beds and 27 mattresses, were donated to Asaba Association by Cottage Hills of Bethesda. Photo below shows some of the beds and mattresses in storage, prior to shipping and delivery which was confirmed in September 2009.  The mattresses have been distributed to various parts of the medical center whereas the beds are awaiting completion of a new wing under construction at the medical center.

Medical Missions
Asaba Association supports the Medical Mission program of Asaba National Association.  Members are encouraged to contribute and volunteer their time, when possible, to the medical missions that are designed to provide free medical care to the public.  The missions’ successes include medical services by physicians, pharmacists and nurses.  Diabetes and other medical test kits, over-the-counter, and prescription, medications are also provided by qualified medical professionals.  The photo below shows Asaba Association members (from left to right) Dr. Nicholas Azinge, Dr. Sylvester Okonkwo and Mrs. Anne Nwabukwu, RN at the 2010 Medical Mission.

AGGS Teachers’ Table & Chair Sets
Asaba Association could not commence the Students’ Table-Chair combination sets project without first addressing the fact that the teachers sat underneath the shades of trees, rather than in teachers’ offices, due to lack of appropriate furniture. As such, members of Asaba Association supported the acquisition and supply of ten (10) teachers’ tables and chairs.  The photos below show: (1) the tables and chairs stacked up for delivery and (2) an AGGS student helping move the table to the appropriate office.


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